Hodgepodge Kit


Hodgepodge Kit


A fun medley of hand dyed fibers for you to create with. Spin straight from the bag, card into a batt, felt, weave, just play and enjoy!

This set contains 4+ ounces of:

  • Corriedale
  • BFL
  • BFL/Tussah
  • Falkland
  • Superfine Merino
  • Targhee

How do I care for my wool? Please wash all hand dyed wool items in cool to tepid water to ensure color fastness. When required, please use a mild soap formulated for use with wool. Warning: Washing hand dyed wool in hot water (100 degrees or higher) will break the dye bond, and result in color loss. The average temperature of household hot tap water is 120 degrees, far too hot for wool and skin, so please take great care when washing your treasured wools. 

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